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Butler course 2015 – Join The Elite

Butler Training Academies UK

Butler Training Academies UK

We are running courses all year around during the year of 2015. Contact us on +Butler training courses 2015 or info@bespokebureau.com for more information on how to book a course on a Butler course 2015.

Our Butler course 2015 will focus on:

  • Giving Elite service
  • Hygiene standards
  • Personal presentation
  • Communication skills including conversation and listening.
  • Body language and eye contact.
  • Posture and dress code.
  • Etiquette & Service language excellence.

Butler course 2015 shall teach the students:

It is the butler’s responsibility to understand the guests needs. You will be in charge of making sure they are kept happy at all times. This can be a tall order and requires utmost confidence, patience, training and excellence. You will need to be able to trouble shoot and problem solve. You will need to think one step ahead. Butler Training United Kingdom is known to educate the world’s Elite butlers.

Who can enrol in a Butler course 2015?

Book a Butler course 2015: Spaces are still available for those wanting to enter the elite service industry. It is also available for those already working in the private service industry. This is your chance to gain a 5 star service attitude and skill set. We teach traditional butlering with a modern twist. We make sure students are top trained at the time of the graduation. It is our aim at the academy for you to have a good time whilst learning. Our teachers are top trained and with at least 20 years experience. We will teach team work excellence and provide an excellent service for the world’s discerning clientele.

Butler course 2015

Butler course 2015

Why us take a Butler course 2015?

Over the years, the prestigious British Butler Academy has won recognition nationally and internationally. We are the most famous Butler academy in the world. We are a franchise that operates globally. This is to allow as many people as possible to participate in our unique training. We aim to get you trained to be the elite in private service. Join us today for an interesting journey.

The modules to expect on a Butler course 2015

Some of the training modules are listed below:

  • Service training.
  • Silver service training.
  • Table Management.
  • Housekeeping training.
  • Laundry.
  • Ironing.
  • Mending
  • Wardrobe management training.
  • Yacht/House interior.
  • Coffee/tea service.
  • Flower arranging training.
  • Canapé, Champagne & Afternoon tea service.
  • VIP service.
  • Valet training.
  • House managing training.
  • Staff rotas.
  • Finishing school & etiquette training.
  • Elite butler training.

What certificate can I gain during a Butler course 2015?

All our students will receive an attendance certificate. You can get accredited too is you wish. Our certificates are recognised globally. We will write references to the students that have done particularly well. Our recruitment agency can potentially place you in an intern-ship role or employment if you have done well.

Butler Training resorts

Butler Training resorts

Butler course 2015! Developed for you to be:

  • Connected.
  • Committed.
  • Great with one-on-one service or team service.
  • Run from the top down.
  • Systematic.
  • Consistent.
  • Able to get enjoyment out of service.

How to book a Butler course 2015?

Contact us on +442032900142 or e-mail us on info@bespokebureau.com for more information

Watch a video from previous year’s training here

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