Advanced Service Training Course

Advanced Service Training Course – May 2017

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Butler, Housekeeping and Service Intense Training Course in London – Residential or Non Residential May 2017

Advanced Service Training Course - May 2017

Advanced Service Training Course – May 2017

Considered one of the best of its kind, our trade-mark British private service training is up and running again, after a few months break. We will be hosting a central London course at the end of May 2017.

Butler & House Management course

Butler & House Management course

Location of the Advanced Service Training Course:

This course has its base in a high-end London apartment and is rolled out on a live-in or daily basis. A lot of the training will be conducted around town in other suitable service venues and locations. We only have 2 rooms available for live in students however.

Who can book the Advanced Service Training Course?

First of all, he course is host of a variety of students from across the globe, wishing to enter or excel in the field of High-end service. This intense condensed 10 day training course is a stepping stone into employment in the high-end service industry. The students will learn the tools and tips of the trade in a real life setting and become certified service providers.

Do I need to have had earlier experience or qualifications to join?

Butler & House Management course - Pictures from the course May 2015

Butler & House Management course – Pictures from the course May 2015

Our students on the Advanced Service Training Course are a mixture of nationalities from all walks of lives in all age brackets.  The course is set up to teach you the foundation and advanced knowledge in Butling, private service, housekeepers yacht interior and house management. It is a course suitable for people who are already in the trade, looking to excel. It is also available for motivated, driven people eager to go into the world of private service. Because we teach in small groups, we are able to tailor the teaching of the course so that it suits various levels.

  • House Managers
  • Butlers
  • Housekeepers
  • Yacht Crew
  • Waiters
  • Restaurant service professionals
  • Hotel service staff
  • Cabin Crew
  • Front of house and reception staff
  • Luxury retail shop assistants

Advanced Service training course applicant requirements:

  1. Conversational English Level
  2. Understanding of the course content
  3. Sufficient funds to pay for the training
  4. Ability to travel to our the London Academy without visa restrictions*
  5. Acceptance of Academy terms & policies
  6. Submitted Application form
*Those of you in need of a visa to enter the UK will receive a letter of recommendation after paying your deposit

Min age
18 years old age for the 2 week course (16 with guardian’s permission)

Service training January 2014

Service training January 2014

We teach you to become a professional who is:

  • Connected
  • Committed
  • Great with one-on-one service or team service
  • Run from the top down
  • Systematic
  • Consistent
  • Able to get enjoyment out of service

In brief, we run our courses with theory and practical elements. Moreover, role play and team work is implemented. Additionally, students get assessed as they go along.

Snippet from the modules:

  • Food and Beverage excellence
  • Protocol and Etiquette
  • Concierge training
  • Hotel Butler excellence
  • Guest etiquette
  • Setting up a Butler department
  • Setting the Scene
  • First Impressions
  • Body Language
  • Guest Arrival
  • Garment Care and Laundry
  • Table Service
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    Silver service

In conclusion, to make sure that the level of training meets the service expectations of your guests, we design our training programs with your needs in mind. similarly, we create our handbooks by the same token.

How to book with us:

Finally, by contacting us, you will get more useful information: +442032900142 or e-mail us on 

Thank you!

Watch a video from our training here