How to use a Butler Stick

How to use a Butler Stick


The Butler Stick has long been used in the Royal Palaces and the great estates of wealthy around the world. The Butler Stick is one of the secret tools of the highly trained professional that allows them to accurately set the table. Remember accuracy helps define the mediocre from the truly professional Butler. So how does one use a Butler Stick correctly? Below are a few simple tips to guide you through the process.

How to use a Butler Stick – The 24” Rule

This is one of the first rules you will be applying when preparing to set a formal table. The 24” rule refers to the ideal amount of space required from the centre of one plate to the centre of the other plate, which will allow the guest plenty of elbowroom. The picture below illustrates my point. Remember this distance of 24” is considered the ideal spacing. Often you may need to decrease the distance because the table is not large enough.

For two adjacent place settings, 24” between the centre of one plate to the centre of the other plate NOTE: In metric the conversion of 24 inches is approximately 60 centimetres.

Calibrating The Individual Place Setting With A Butler Stick


There are a few guidelines when it comes to preparing an individual place setting. These guidelines will make the overall process of table setting both accurate and easy. These guidelines for calculating individual place settings apply to all western style place settings, that is North American, European, formal or informal.

Step 1: The base line for the place setting should always be +/- 1” from the edge of the table. The width of the Butler Stick is the ideal tool for this measurement. Align the Butler Stick at the edge of the table.
Step 2: The top of the Butler Stick becomes the base line for the place setting. Base line created by the top of stick
Step 3: The measurement between the charger and the first knife will determine the spacing between all of the elements of the place setting.
Step 4: Using the measurement between the charger and the first knife, apply this exact measurement to all of the points on this diagram. Each red dot represents the exact same amount of space as calculated in Step 3.


Symmetry Of The Individual Place Setting

A place setting that is pleasing to the eye incorporates one of the basic principles of design and that is symmetry. When all the elements are arranged symmetrically with careful placement and exact spacing it creates balance and proportion. Anyone who sees a beautifully appointed and well-executed place setting instinctively knows that standards of a professional Butler have been applied.

Horizontal Symmetry Vertical Symmetry



Symmetry of the Formal Table

The symmetry of the entire table is as important as the symmetry of the individual place setting. Again, the attention to detail sets the difference between a professional Butler and an amateur.


To set a formal table correctly you must take your time to ensure all the place settings are properly spaced. This is a project that cannot be rushed because symmetry requires mathematical calculation (see 24 Rule) and the aid of two handy tools. This process, of course is for the most formal of occasions and not suggested for everyday table settings.


The two handy tools that you will need to be successful in achieving symmetry, particularly on large dining tables are a Butler Stick and a long piece of string. The Butler Stick will enable you to take measurements so the spacing of all elements on the table will be exact. The piece of string that is secured at both ends of the table is an ideal way to create a level base line for your place settings.


When you think of the scale of very large dining tables with 12, 25 or even 75 guests per side, the string and the Butler Stick are very handy tools to setting a symmetrical table. Once the table is set do a visual inspection of the whole table from one end to another to adjust any imperfections.


To train with us to become a Butler on our Butler school please call +442032900142 or email

Domestic Staff candidates available

Domestic Staff candidates available

Domestic staff candidates available

Domestic staff candidates

We have a large number of TOP domestic staff candidates available. All year around, our eager workers are looking for new roles in private homes. They are available in your area. We would love to offer their services to you at a competitive rate. Bespoke Bureau is a Household Staffing Company that places experienced private staff with you.

We offer:

  • Permanent domestic staff.
  • Short term domestic staff.
  • Holiday domestic staff.
  • Estate domestic staff.
  • Palace domestic staff.
  • 5 Star hotel staff.

Who is available?

Bespoke provides a high end, professional and friendly service that offers our clients a large and varied selection of staff:

• Estate and Property Managers

• Housekeepers, Nannies, Au pairs & Babysitters

• Butlers, Valets, Personal Assistants & Private Secretaries

• Domestic & Au-pair Couples

• Chefs & Cooks

• Ladies Maids, Gardeners and handymen

Domestic staff candidates

Hire a housekeeper

• Personal Shoppers, pay as you go PAs and even Dog Walkers.

How to find domestic staff?

It’s as easy. Register with our agency in today. We will quickly send you the agency’s best CVs to choose from.

The agency fee

It is in our agency’s interest to keep the prices of down. This is so that you and your friends can get a good deal. Most clients recommend our services to their friends

Domestic Staff candidates available in these locations:

  • London
  • UK Countryside
  • Surrey
  • Monaco
  • France
  • Dubai
  • Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia
Domestic staff candidates

We are often in the media

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your staffing requirements today.  Domestic Staff candidates available all year around. Our team will find you just what you need. We are your one stop shop for all your private household requirements or job search. The Private staff company will not let you down.

Thank you!

Sara Vestin Rahmani

Bespoke Bureau

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Bank | London | EC2V 5AE

Main phone: +44 (0) 2032900142

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Hiring housekeeper London

Hiring housekeeper

Hiring housekeeper

Hiring housekeeper for your country house

Hire Housekeeper with Bespoke Bureau is a good idea. We are one of London’s longest standing recruitment agency for housekeepers. Based in the heart of the old city on guildhall yard, we have 1000s of amazing housekeepers available for hire.

We offer housekeepers for:

  • London.
  • Countryside.
  • Surrey.
  • USA.
  • China.
  • Middle East.
  • Saudi Arabia.
  • Monaco.
  • France and many other places.

    Hiring a housekeeper

    Hiring a housekeeper will make your life a lot easier

Our hiring housekeeper service

Each Housekeeper with us has undergone a rigorous selection process. This is to ensure we only provide our clients with a trusted Housekeeper service. Here at Bespoke Bureau we understand how important it is that you find a Housekeeper that is right for your family life. This is one of many reasons why we can help you choose the right Housekeeper. Other reasons are:

  • we have the UK’s largest selection of housekeepers.
  • affordable agency fees with a price match guarantee.
  • only UK agency with a 12 month placement guarantee.
  • after care support.
  • pay upfront or in instalments.
  • personal service.
  • all candidates come recommended to us.

How we can help you find a Housekeeper:

  • We will hand pick our favourite Housekeeper candidates.
  • We will arrange for you to meet the Housekeeper in person, via skype, phone.
  • Once we have helped you find a Housekeeper we will assist you with contracts and everything else.

    Hiring housekeeper

    Hiring a housekeeper is a good idea to keep a home clean

Hiring housekeeper-Why we are the best

  • We will only help you find a Housekeeper with the capabilities to effectively care for your home.
  • When you find a Housekeeper via us, they will take a genuine interest in your home and needs.
  • Our Housekeeper service ensures all registered top housekeepers have VIP or royal household experience.

Contact us for more information on Hiring housekeeper

Give us a ring on +442032900142. You can also email us on to discuss options. Our website is:

Hiring a housekeeper

Hiring a housekeeper – The Management

Kind regards, Sara Vestin Rahmani and Team

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Phone: +44 (0) 2032900142

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Butler school London for the Elite

Butler school London

Butler School London

Butler School London

The British Butler Academy is the most famous Butler School London. Over the years, the prestigious institute for Butlers has won recognition both nationally and internationally. Considered the most sought-after butler school London, we are growing every year.

Why our Butler school London

We offer a large variety of private service courses. These all offer a great opportunity to gain or refresh skills. You will get a professional qualification whilst making friends for life. The courses we offer are all run in a real life setting. Why us?

  • Affordable Butler school cost.
  • Accredited certificates.
  • The world’s best trainers.
  • Job offers before you leave the course (not guaranteed).
  • Learn so you can earn fast.
  • You will become a demanded worker fast.
  • It is an intensive course that prepares you for the demanding job.
  • We will teach you the skills of working in both a domestic and formal setting.

    Butler School London

    The courses are considered fun

When on the course, you will learn:

  • Butlering.
  • Housekeeping Elite service.
  • House Management.
  • Etiquette.
  • Valeting.
  • Silver Service.
  • Butler service.
  • Care of Antiques.
  • Care of Fine Clothes.
  • Pet care.
  • Paparazzi security.
  • Presentation and Packing amongst many other subjects.

The course will help to prepare you for work as a housekeeper or butler. It will also equip you with the skills to go above and beyond the call of duty. You will learn how to train and recruit other domestic staff, manage rotas and deal with contracts.

Butler school London -certification

Upon successful completion of the course you will be awarded with a Certificate. A qualification from Bespoke Bureau’s prestigious Butler school London will propel your career and put you ahead of others in your profession.

Find work after the Butler school London

Our previous students have a very high success rate in finding employment upon successful completion of the course. Those that were already in employment have reported a marked increase in their wage

Feedback from  the Butler school London and the agency:

Contact the Butler School London today:

Give us a ring on +442032900142. You can also email us on to find out costs and dates. Our website is:

Top household Staff Agency - The management

Kind regards, Sara Vestin Rahmani and Team at the Butler School London

Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard
Bank | London | EC2V 5AE, UK
Phone: +44 (0) 2032900142

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Household Staffing Guide

Household Staffing Guide

Bespoke Bureau Household Staffing Guide

household staffing guide

household staffing guide

Its very easy to get confused over the domestic staff roles. Most domestic staff  roles are now a combination of several roles. Unlike in the past when people could afford to hire one person for each role. The most typical combinations of domestic staff are to mix House managers, Butlers, PA’s, Nannies, Drivers and Chefs. Gone are the days when people hired one staff for each role.

Household Staffing Guide – our help to you

household staffing guide

Come find your staff with us

On this page we explain the roles and duties of each domestic job title. Our agency offer a large pool of the below candidates. They all have good references, understand the importance of discretion and are hard working.

Au pair definition – Household Staffing Guide

An au-pair might be an option for the busy mum/dad who needs an extra hand on a daily basis. A typical au-pair is aged 18 – 27 and has got an interest in children and has got a bit of experience. If you are looking for an au-pair, please contact our sister company Peekaboo at 

Au-pair Couples/Domestic couples definition

bespoke bureau

The best of the best

Domestic Couples, whether married or in a long-term relationship, usually cover all domestic duties between them. They tend to stay long term as they are working and living with you together. They are familiar with working in a private household. They are experienced in all aspects of running a large informal household. Au Pair couples and domestic couples are a popular choice for busy family homes in the country. The feedback from our clients is always very positive. In larger or more formal residences, an experienced couple will often take the roles of house manager and estate manager. This way they are providing maintenance and security of the property while you are away. A resident couple may also take care of your household pets on a daily basis.

House Managers definition – Household Staffing Guide

A house manager is often in charge of one or more large households with many staff. |He or she is the person who provides supervision to the others. The house manager is responsible for the everyday running of the home/homes. He or she usually reports to the Lady or Gent of the property. Our House Managers hold excellent managerial, operational and organisational household skills. They have high professional standards. Some of their core duties include:

  • staff management.
  • staff training.
  • development of standards.
  • protocols.
  • supervising household accounts and budgeting.
  • stock-taking inventories.
  • control of supplies.
  • planning of formal entertainment.
  • managing business schedules.

Butler definition – Household Staffing Guide

The role of a Butler is a type of upmarket servant in a large home. He or she is to be in charge of the dining room, wine cellar and kitchen/pantry. some of them also have charge of the housekeepers or the entire house and its appearance. A Butler is by tradition usually male but we also offer female butlers, under butlers and butler trainees. Our unique British Butler Academy qualifies many great Butlers  each year. Butlers thrive on providing flawless organisation and an immaculate service for you. A butler can combine and supervise household skills from: housekeeper, waiter, chef, valet and chauffeur through to personal assistant. A butler should also display excellence and aplomb across every role with charismatic refinement. Core butler duties usually include:

  • recruiting and supervising household staff.
  • maintaining employee records.
  • household accounts.
  • taking responsibility for stock control.
  • liaising with contractors and suppliers.
  • menu planning.
  • greeting and dining etiquettes.
  • stocking wine cellars.
  • booking travel arrangements.
  • caring for clothes.

Housekeeper definition – Household Staffing Guide

A housekeeper is a person who is hired to provide professional domestic services. Their duties are:

  • cleaning.
  • laundry.
  • cooking.
  • errands.

Usually only wealthy households employ full-time domestic workers such as housekeepers. Now also many dual-income upper and middle class families hire the services of a housekeeper for periodic household cleaning. Considered a luxury by many, employing a full-time housekeeper may involve providing room and board in addition to a weekly or monthly salary. A full-time housekeeper usually does not have any involvement with children in the household. However, some of them have childcare experience and also baby sit or do nanny work.

Private chef prep

Private chef preparations

Private Chef definition – Household Staffing Guide

Private Chefs can make a dramatic difference to the life of a household. They can help generate your family’s reputation for entertaining and fine dining. Core duties usually include: menu planning; grocery purchasing; general ingredient and meal preparation; catering for parties and occasions; plus maintaining food health and safety requirements. We have short term, long term, emergency and yacht private chefs available throughout the year.

Private Chauffeur/Driver

A qualified chauffeur will expertly drive you through London and navigate all main routes beyond, in the UK and abroad. The Bespoke Bureau Drivers are experienced in continental driving as well. Most have completed advanced driving courses and hold British Chauffeurs Guild qualifications. All hold a clean, full licence and can proficiently handle various, prestigious, performance cars including: Bentley; Rolls Royce; Jaguar; Mercedes; Aston Martin; and limousines. We can also source security trained drivers should you require.

Estate manager

Similar to the House manager, The Estate manager is likely to be the most senior member of your staff. He or she has managerial responsibility for all property and land, rather than just solely residential premises. They usually manage multiple properties on one or more estates owned by their employer. They ensure all staff are well organised and meticulously maintained. They will supervise and guide the collective operations of all outside event, gardening, maintenance and other ground staff plus the supervision of estate budgets and accounts. Most will hold land management or farming qualifications and will have previously worked in senior positions at other large estates.

Private Gardener definition – Household Staffing Guide

Gardeners tend and care for all grounds around your property, preferably with the benefit of holding horticultural qualifications. Many clients require gardeners that have a strong knowledge of: hosted, formal gardens and topiary, vegetable gardens, organics, herbaceous settings, woodlands, ponds and rockery, themed gardens plus swimming pool maintenance. Experience operating and maintaining garden machinery is essential.

Nannies definition – Household Staffing Guide

A nanny is a person who looks after you child(ren) in your own home. She has a genuine interest in children. Normally they have some form of childcare qualification (NVQ , NNEB) or relevant experience (at least 2 years is required wit us). The should  provide a stimulating, safe and positive learning environment in which your children can develop. A Nanny can be either live-in or live-out (daily) and/or specialised in Special Needs children, school aged children or even double as a Housekeeper or Tutor Nanny. At Bespoke Bureau we also offer foreign nannies that are often cheaper as well as junior nannies and mother’s helpers.

Private Personal Assistants definition

Private PAs works within your home office environment. They are responsible for managing all of your organisational and administrative matters and duties usually include: running the home office; providing all secretarial skills and administrative support functions; diary management and scheduling appointments; responding to mail; managing accounts payable and expenses; organising travel arrangements; overseeing any special projects; plus organising your corporate and private entertainment.

We have more types of household staff available. Contact us for more information and thank you for reading our Household staffing guide.

Sara Vestin Rahmani in our HQ reception

Sara Vestin Rahmani in our HQ reception

Thank you!

Sara Vestin Rahmani

Bespoke Bureau

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Bespoke Bureau’s committment to you

Our Commitment to you.  At Bespoke we ensure our clients are looked after like royalty.   Covering all domestic staff areas, our 6 people strong team can deliver and perform better than any other domestic staff agency in London. We have a vast number of available: housekeepers in London,  House Managers, PAs, nannies, Domestic couples, drivers and much much more.  Our clients thrive on our luxury time and and service management and our discreet and conscientious way of working.   Each domestic staff client in London or outside will be given a Bespoke consultant who will work alongside his or her top team in order to secure the best possible options of domestic staff for you to hire. Give us a budget and your requirements and we will make sure you get the best staff candidates available presented to you in no time. We also like to save you money so we will negotiate the best possible salary for you. Our people love what they do and whom they are doing it for, and you’ll find no stronger group of brand ambassadors.   KEY OFFERINGS INCLUDE : Committment to communicating with you, listening to your needs, consultancy, home visits (if you wish), training of your household staff, finding the best candidates available for your role, interview management, contracts, salary negotiations, payroll, aftercare support and much much more. We have an unrivalled reputation in the domestic staff industry and  high end media relations that keep us visible to strangers and existing . We do not advertise and all our business is by word of mouth or repeat business. As we deal with people’s homes and lives we are adamant that you are happy with everything we do. This is how we do business and how we rely on new business. bespoke Bureau. It’s Your Life Tailor Made.



More info about Bespoke Bureau and the British Butler Academy:

Based in the prestigious heart of London (Guildhall in the city) for the past 11 years and now a franchise, we pride ourselves to be considered “The World‘s and The UK’s Best Household Staffing Agency” amongst staff agencies

Bespoke Bureau specialises in the recruitment of household staff internationally including House/Estate ManagersButlersHousekeepersChefsNannies, Gardeners etc for palaces, mansions, estates, prestigious houses and yachts all over the world. We provide high calibre staff – professional, multi-functional, discreet and flexible.

Over the years we have built a strong relationship with domestic staff candidates and private NHW and other clients alike which has led to new opportunities that enable us to provide a more comprehensive service with our clients’ needs in mind.

For assistance and advice on all the services we offer, please contact us and we will be delighted to help you.

We are a leading domestic staff agency in London due to our dedication to providing our clients with dependable, thorough and professional household staff. We have built up an enviable reputation across London and can provide tailored household staff services to suit our clients’ private household staff requirements.

We only hire experienced domestic staff who can deliver the high standards required from our private employers. Our household staff agency will undertake a rigorous domestic staff recruitment process, as we carefully check their household employment history and references, as well as interviewing each candidate at great length to ensure they have the right professional attitude and personality to work in the domestic staff service in the UK and overseas.

All our domestic staff on our domestic agency’s database understand the importance of hard work and discretion, and are 100% committed to delivering an outstanding household work service on a daily basis.

As a leading household staff agency, we will work alongside you to ensure that all your needs are met. We can provide an array of domestic staff to suit your household, including:

  • House Managers or Estate Managers
  • Butlers for private homes or hotels
  • Housekeepers, Head Housekeepers or Junior Housekeepers
  • Gardeners and Handymen
  • Nannies, tutors, au-pairs and Mother’s Helps
  • Personal Assistants
  • Valets
  • Chauffeurs and Private Drivers
  • Private Chefs and Cooks
  • Laundry Maids and ladies maids
  • And more domestic staff

More info on:

Many of our domestic staff employees can combine a number of the domestic staff roles upon request, but this will depend on the hours of employment required. As well as being a leading domestic agency in London, we can also provide domestic staff services across the UK and abroad/overseas.

For more information on our household staff agency and candidates, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Sara Vestin Rahmani
Bespoke Bureau, Peek-a-boo and Cupcakes

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Bespoke: +44 (0) 2032900142
Peek-a-boo: +44 (0) 2032900142

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Bespoke Bureau domestic staff

What is The Bespoke Bureau?

Bespoke Bureau & Sara Vestin Rahmani

Bespoke Bureau & Sara Vestin Rahmani

The Bespoke Bureau is the nation’s leading domestic staff agency. We offer retained and contingent placement services as well as consulting services.

Why The Bespoke Bureau?

Your time is valuable. Your privacy is important. And, you want things done right. When the time comes to hire new domestic staff or a nanny, you prefer to engage an experienced firm to address your family’s needs. We can help!

What makes Bespoke Bureau unique?

With over a century of experience in private service recruitment, we are qualified to help you. Our database of private service professionals is the largest in the world. Our selection process is the most exclusive. With offices on Guildhall yard in the city of London, as well as globally, you are working with a firm of well-trained, service-oriented professionals, not a person or personality.

More info about Bespoke Bureau:

Based in the prestigious heart of London (Guildhall in the city) for the past 11 years and now a franchise, we pride ourselves to be considered the best of the best.

Over the years we have built a strong relationship with domestic staff candidates and private NHW and other clients alike. This has led to new opportunities that enable us to provide a more comprehensive service with our clients’ needs in mind.

Sara Vestin Rahmani at work

Sara Vestin Rahmani at work

For assistance and advice on all the services we offer, please contact us and we will be delighted to help you.

Bespoke Bureau’s domestic staff:

We only hire experienced domestic staff who can deliver the high standards required. Our household staff agency will undertake a rigorous domestic staff recruitment process. We carefully check their household employment history and references. All our domestic staff on our domestic agency’s database understand the importance of hard work and discretion. They are 100% committed to delivering an outstanding household work service on a daily basis.

Bespoke Bureau can offer you a wide range of staff:

As a leading household staff agency, we will work alongside you to ensure that all your needs are met. We can provide an array of domestic staff to suit your household, including:

  • House Managers or Estate Managers
  • Butlers for private homes or hotels
  • Housekeepers, Head Housekeepers or Junior Housekeepers
  • Gardeners and Handymen
  • Nannies, tutors, au-pairs and Mother’s Helps
  • Personal Assistants
  • Valets
  • Chauffeurs and Private Drivers
  • Private Chefs and Cooks
  • Laundry Maids and ladies maids
  • And more domestic staff

    Bespoke Bureau offices

    Bespoke Bureau offices

More info on:

For more information on Bespoke Bureau,  don’t hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,  Bespoke Bureau

Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard
Bank | London | EC2V 5AE, UK
Phone: +44 (0) 2032900142

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House Manager hire for you

House Manager hire

house manager hire

House manager hire with Sara Vestin Rahmani and team

Call +442032900142 today or email to see examples of the people we have on offer for your house manager hire.

We have a large amount of wonderful house managers at our domestic staff agency. Our house manager hire service allows you to hire house managers for all over the globe. No job is too bit or too small for the Bespoke Bureau house manager.

Responsibilities & Duties of the House Manager

The house manager is senior manager in a private household. He or she usually works in a large home or an estate (then called an estate manager). The follow duties are typical of a house manager:

  • service.
  • managing staff.
  • managing multiple properties.
  • ensuring consistency of service.
  • Overall financial management for all properties .
  • responsible for fine art.
  • project management and management.
  • PA work.
  • Chauffeur work.
  • Valeting or butlering.
house manager hire

Our house manager hire service often feature in the world media

Hours of the house manager

These jobs can be live-in. Then it is often a 24/7 on-call position. However, this is not always the case. It can vary from household to household.

House Manager’s other titles

Other titles used for this position include:

  • Butler.
  • Director of Properties and Services.
  • Director of Residences.
  • Estate Manager.
  • General Manager of Properties and Services.
  • Majordomo.
house manager hire

We have a wide range of domestic staff available for hire


Experience and Qualifications needed to be a house manager

Many house managers have years of experience working in households. Some are also former property managers. You do not need a qualification to be a good house managers but it helps. We train house managers at our famous British Butler Academy. However, you need to have previous background in either corporate management, service or in a household. Also ex PAs become very good house managers often. Ex housekeepers can train and become excellent house managers.

Difference and similarities between a House Manager and a Butler

The Butler, as opposed to the Household Manager, traditionally serves a more formal figure. The butler deals with protocol, formal service, fine wines and household etiquette. Both positions involve a lot of hands-on service to the principals and their guests. Their work schedule will often vary in days or hours, requiring a degree of flexibility.

Experience required of the House manager and Butler

  • Vendor and project management skills.
  • Knowledge of etiquette and protocol  is good.
  • Formal service of fine wines and food  is a must.
  • Ability to represent the household from telephone manner to reception of guests.
  • Knowledge of and expertise in caring for fine arts, antiques, silver, china.
  • Car knowledge.
  • Valeting skills for both males and females.
  • Eye for detail and ability to anticipate.
  • Ability to read mood of principal’s and other household members and adapt accordingly.
  • Experienced in delivery of thoughtful, discreet and unobtrusive service.
  • Demonstrated discretion and confidentiality

Contact us for your house manager hire 

Kind Regards,  Bespoke Bureau

Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard
Bank | London | EC2V 5AE, UK

Phone: +44 (0) 2032900142

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Housekeepers agency for you

Housekeepers agency

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A housekeeper is someone who does the cleaning and maintenance of the interior of a residence. The term is almost exclusively applied to females. They are a popular addition to western households that are busy and need extra help. At our housekeepers agency we offer:

  • live in housekeepers.
  • daily housekeepers.
  • part time housekeepers.
  • full time housekeeper.
  • permanent housekeepers.
  • temporary housekeepers.

The traditional housekeeper

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In the great houses of yesteryear the housekeeper could be a woman of considerable power in the domestic arena. The housekeeper of times past had her room or rooms cleaned by junior staff. Her meals prepared and laundry taken care of, and with the butler presided over dinner in the Servants’ Hall. Unlike other servants, she was addressed as Mrs. Last Name. A bit like in Downton abbey.

The modern housekeeper

Today’s head of household staff in a great house lives in much the same manner. Although now, fewer households can afford large groups of servants with an elaborate hierarchy. A housekeeper also supervises and coordinates activities of household employees in a private residence. She will inform new employees of the employer’s desires. She gives instructions in work methods and routines. She assigns and performs duties such as:

  • cooking and serving meals
  • cleaning
  • washing
  • ironing
  • adjusting work activities to accommodate family members.

She also orders food and cleaning supplies, keeps record of expenditures. She may hire and discharge employees.  

Cost of a housekeeper

Housekeepers agency

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Many housekeepers in London charge by the week and by the size of your living space. Small apartments often cost £400 a week, while a large home could cost £500-£600 a week. These prices fluctuate on the type of home as well as if there are any special problem areas that need to be cleaned. It also depends if the housekeeper is live in or out. Our housekeepers agency can help guide you to the most affordable option for you.

 The housekeepers position on the house

The housekeeper is generally hired by and reports to the lady of the house. The extent to which the housekeeper supervises other staff varies from household to household. In general, the staff of a grand house is divided into departments. Then the the housekeeper is in charge of all the female staff. Sometimes also of the kitchen staff but not always. They usually report to the cook. In other households, particularly those of the very wealthy with several residences, the housekeeper is the ultimate head of household.

Corporate housekeepers

Housekeepers agency

A great housekeeper will make any room look amazing

With our housekeepers agency, you can also hire corporate housekeepers. Housekeepers also work in hotels and resorts. Their job description differs slightly from the traditional housekeeper. A Commercial housekeeper performs housekeeping duties, such as cleaning and stocking supplies in units when assigned. Maintains a high cleanliness standard for all resort rental units and provides top level customer service for guests.

Functions of the corporate housekeeper:

Cleans guest rooms and stocks with appropriate supplies in the prescribed manner while following safety and security procedures and regulations, including but not limited to:

  1. Picks up and removes trash.
  2. Changes linen and makes beds.
  3. Cleans entire bathrooms.
  4. Sweeps and dusts each unit.
  5. Cleans the windows, balconies and porches.
  6. Stocks and restocks and stores the supplies according to current procedures.
  7. Turns in keys and unused supplies at the end of each shift.
  8. Checks with supervisor prior to clocking out at the end of each day. 
  9. May be required to clean carpets using equipment to maintain cleanliness standards of all floor coverings within the rental units and amenities.
  10. Responds to guest requests and reports guest concerns in a timely and hospitable manner to ensure guest satisfaction.
  11.  Reports any missing articles, damages or mechanical problems to the Executive Housekeeper and turns in any articles left in each unit.
  12. Coordinates with the Executive Housekeeper relating to work priorities and provides assistance when/where needed. 
Sara Vestin Rahmani - the owner of the housekeepers agency

Sara Vestin Rahmani – the owner of the housekeepers agency

Housekeepers agency – why us?

We know what to look for when hiring housekeeper. Hiring a shopkeeper is a serious responsibility. Allowing someone into your home requires a large amount of research in finding the right person for the job.

  • you need to get insurance for the housekeeper.
  • If she is self employed then she will need her own housekeeper insurance and will be on a service contract. Make sure you check this with your Housekeepers agency or housekeeper first. It is important.
  • we ask for references. Before even considering hiring a housekeeper we also suggest that you check the references yourself. Always ask for references before hiring.
  • employment screening.
  • we help with contracts. 

Housekeepers agency – our fee and promises

The Bespoke Bureau housekeepers agency is renowned as the most exclusive one in the world. Your home and lifestyle requirements will be in our safe and capable hands. All you have to do is call us or email us with your home or hotel staffing requirements and we will see that you swiftly receive the best domestic staff candidates available on the market. We pride ourselves in having all our business is channelled via referrals and we have never advertised.

  • This means that both clients and candidates can rest assured that they will be a match made in heaven. It is of utmost importance to us that you are happy with our services as your satisfaction brings you, your friends and your colleagues back to us year after year.
  • Unrivalled 12 month placement guarantee.  We want to make sure that you are satisfied with the staff we place with you. Otherwise you can swap them for up to 1 year. No other agency in the world offers this.
  • Price Match Agency Fee guarantee. Find a lower rate with the same benefits and we will match it.
  • We don’t advertise. All our candidates come to us recommended.
  • Professional and friendly advice – Our recruitment and domestic staff training advice is free and without obligation. We treat every enquiry with absolute discretion. As many of you lead busy lives, we are happy to come to you to chat during evenings or weekends.
  •  A Bespoke service- Just like our name suggests, we are a Bespoke Bureau. We will listen to your staff needs and tailor make a domestic staff service that suits you and find your exact match. We save your valuable time by only introducing closely-matched domestic staff candidates.
  • Free training. If you recruit staff via us, you get a free training course as part of the package.
  • Quick and Efficient – Thanks to our large database of registered and vetted domestic staff, we are able to send you details of suitable household staff candidates straight away. No long waits. .
  • Checked candidates – All our domestic staff candidates have at least 3 years’ relevant household experience but often much much more. They have been interviewed by us and, wherever possible, we have spoken directly to their recent employers to verify, amongst other things, their skills, honesty and attitude to work.
  • You can also opt for a graduate from our Butler academy for a lower hire staff price.
  • The Best Domestic Staff on the market.
  • Free butler graduates for intern-ship roles with you if you wish.
  • Support – We provide employment contract templates for domestic staff free of charge as well as offering you free advice.
  • Terms of business and registration – Straightforward and understandable. We are here to make your life easy not more difficult. Furthermore, we can be flexible with our terms to suit your needs.

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Find a housekeeper in London

Find a housekeeper in

If you are looking to find a housekeeper in London then look no further. The Bespoke Bureau has a large variety of housekeepers available in London and the surrounding areas. We also help families abroad that are looking to find a housekeeper in London for a new home there or for their houses overseas.

Find a housekeeper in London that is the best with us

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We are a tip top domestic staff recruitment service. We offer professional and experienced household staff (butlers, couples, housekeepers, chefs and nannies) for clients based worldwide but mostly in London. For those looking  to find a housekeeper in London for a VIP household, you have come to the right place. We have the best housekeepers  available in all of London and for the rest of the world for that matter.

Do you need to find a housekeeper in London urgently?

  • With our excellent contacts, we are able to recruit high calibre household staff in the shortest possible time.
  • Our agency is well known to establish a continuing and helpful partnership with its numerous high profile clients worldwide.
  • Our Housekeepers are not only experienced but also often trained with our housekeeping academy.
  • You can opt for someone less experienced, more experienced or someone entry level.
  • We help you find a housekeeper in London of any calibre you wish.
  • In addition to an extensive London domestic staff network, top staff in our offices and also with a techy and large database.

More information on how to find a housekeeper in London, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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