Private Chef Service London

Private Chef Service London

Private chef service London

Private chef service London

We are a Private Chef Service London. Bespoke Bureau personal chef service provides the very best of qualified professional chefs. Hire a private chef for an unforgettable dining experience.

Our Private Chef Service London offers:

  • Chefs for corporate events.
  • Chefs for private dinners.
  • Private chefs for weddings.
  • Private chefs with Butler service.
  • Private Chef Service with catering team
  • Temporary private chefs.
  • Private Chefs recruitment for households.

Why us our Private Chef Service London

Private chef service London

Impress with our service

For all kinds of special occasions, Bespoke Bureau personal chef London service will design the perfect menu for you. Our Private Chef Service London offers chefs that can make everything from gorgeous handmade canapés to banquette dinners.  No job is too big or too small for us. The Bespoke Private chef service we offer will make a menu tailored to your specific requirements. The menu will be within your chosen budget.

Other private chef services on offer are:

  • BBQ chefs. Our barbecue chef will make the perfect summer BBQ for informal outdoor garden entertaining.
  • In home catering service catering.
  • Christmas dinner-lunch party.
  • New Years Eve dinner party.
  • Birthday party.
  • Engagement party.
  • Retirement or leaving party.
  • Birth of a child.
  • House-warming.
  • Anniversaries.

    Private chef service London

    Plating up

What you can expect from our private Chef Service London

Preparing the food, plating, serving and cleaning up. Let us take care of the dining arrangements for your function, conference or event, leaving you free to get on with the business. With our private chef service you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself in style.

Contact us today to book your Private Chef Service London

Contact us to book your Butler Corporate Events today:

Give us a ring on +442032900142. You can also email us on to discuss options.

Private chef service London

Our agency is considered the best

Kind Regards, The British Butler Academy & Bespoke Bureau

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Phone: +44 (0) 2032900142

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Housekeeper jobs London

Housekeeper jobs London

Housekeeper jobs London

Housekeeper jobs London

Are you looking to find housekeeper jobs London? High paid positions in London can be hard to find. To find a housekeeper job with a private family in London that pays a top end, register with us. It is free of charge. It is our job to find you a housekeeper role that is well paid.

Housekeeper agencies London

There are many different housekeeper agencies in London. Not many are as reputable as ours.  We have the best housekeepers jobs London available all year around. We also place housekeepers in other locations in the UK and overseas.

How to find a housekeeping position in London with the Bespoke Bureau?

It’s as easy as one two three. Register with the housekeeping agency in London today. Please send us your cv and we will welcome you in to discuss available vacancies. We will introduce you to the agency’s best paid housekeeper jobs in London.

Available housekeeping jobs London

  • daily positions.
  • central London positions.
  • part time positions.
  • full time positions.
  • emergency housekeeper work.
  • permanent work.
  • temporary work.
  • housekeeper work.

    Housekeeper jobs London

    Find your dream role with us

Salaries housekeeper jobs London

Housekeeping jobs in London can sometimes pay more than other roles. It is important that you use a housekeeping agency in London such as ours to get you the best paid jobs. We want you to recommend us to your friends so we can also place them as housekeepers in London.  A daily housekeeper in London can earn from 400 to 500 pounds per week net approximately. Sometimes less and sometimes she earns more. If you want a housekeeping job in London that pays well then you may also have to work long hours.


  • be a great housekeeper.
  • cook.
  • cleaning.
  • laundry.
  • errands.
  • service.
  • ironing
  • baby sit.
  • Much more

Contact us:

Give us a ring today on +44 2032900142or email us on

Thank you!

Bespoke Bureau

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Main phone: +44 (0) 2032900142

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Find domestic couple London

Find domestic couple London

Find domestic couple London

Find domestic couple London

Are you looking to find domestic couple London? They can be hard to find. To find a couple of a top end quality you may have to look for a while. Or just give us a ring. Our agency has a large variety of excellent domestic couples for work in London and outside.

Our agency

They best domestic couples in London are popular and can be expensive.  With us, however, it is usually cheaper. We have a database of recommended couple. They are available all year around. It is in our interest to keep the prices down. This way, you may recommend our services to all your friends.

How much does it cost to find domestic couple?

Find domestic couple London

The best couples are available with us

A daily domestic couple in London can cost from £600 to £800 per week net. Sometimes less and sometimes more. If you want a domestic couple with many skills then they will cost more. Experiences couples are more experience than couples with less skills. We have an agency fee price match guarantee. We hope this will help you choose us.

What is a domestic couple?

A domestic couple is a couple that are able to cover most household duties in your home. We have couples for work in London, UK and across the globe. We have a large selection of domestic couples: Some of the duties they perform:

  1. driving
  2. baby sitting
  3. housekeeping
  4. service
  5. laundry
  6. cooking
  7. gardening
  8. handy man work
  9. errands
  10. shopping

Much much more

Find domestic couple London with us – who is on offer?

We have:

  1. British domestic couples
  2. Latino domestic couples
  3. Filipino domestic couples
  4. French speaking domestic couples
  5. Spanish speaking domestic couples
  6. Russian speaking domestic couples
  7. Many more nationalities

    Find domestic couple London

    Find domestic couple London

Contact us to find domestic couple London

Thank you!

Bespoke Bureau

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London British Butler Academy

London British Butler Academy

London British Butler Academy

London British Butler Academy

The British Butler Academy is a unique and exclusive house management school. We are proud to be the finest Private Butler and Housekeeper Service training institute in the world. We are equally proud that some of the world’s wealthiest families and businesses, as well as five-star hotels and resorts, turn to us for staff training and recruitment.

Our mission statement at the London British Butler Academy

Our mission is to promote the butling, housekeeper and the private service profession by training dedicated individuals in becoming professionals in the art of butling and house management. The International Butler Academy provides its graduates with the best possible qualifications for entering the private service profession. We offer you superb training, enabling you an introduction into a career which should last a lifetime. Our graduates can be employed by domestic staff or 5 star employers anywhere in the world.

What does it mean to join The London British Butler Academy?

The Butler Academy’s graduates are synonymous with pride and professionalism. At The British Butler Academy you will learn to keep up with the demands of running a modern busy household. Our Butler and Housekeeping courses will provide you with all the skills and qualifications you need. Our professional Butler teaching standards and experienced instructors make The British Butler Academy the pinnacle of all house management training.

London British Butler Academy certificates

London British Butler Academy certificates

What is required to join The British Butler Academy?

Except for a working knowledge of English, no previous training or experience is required. Gender and age are not important either. What is very important however, is having a service oriented attitude and the right personality.

Clients wishing to employ a butler

London British Butler Academy

London British Butler Academy

The London British Butler Academy will be pleased to assist employers with their recruiting needs. We have developed a very straightforward selection process for the employee and employer to ensure a successful household staff placement.

Join The London British Butler Academy

Apply now and assure yourself a place in our institution. Our students come from all over the world. By joining The British Butler Academy you will become qualified and trained to the highest standard.

Contact Us:

Bespoke Bureau
Blackwell House
Guildhall Yard
City of London

Main phone: +44 (0) 2032900142

Main email:

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Private Household training

Private Household training

To book a course please call +44 2032900142 or email

private household training

Private household training with us

In addition to our domestic staff placement service, we also train house managers.  The Bespoke Bureau has become synonymous with the concept of  Top Household Standards. We offer placements, training and management. We hare a one stop shop for all aspects of a VIP client’s lifestyle.

Private Household training – how it works

  • You can come to us and train in our mansion.
  • Short or long course.
  • Residential or non residential.
  • Standard curriculum.
  • Tailor made curriculum based on your needs.
  • We can also come to your premises and teach you or your staff

Private Household training – consultancy

For Private Households and Estates we come out and help you figure out your needs. We will conduct detailed assessments of the current state of the staff and their rotas. We will develop a complete staff plan for all aspects of the household or estate. We will create  job descriptions and training programmes. These are of course of the highest standards. We will conduct the best Private Household training you have ever seen.

We do staff consultancy for:

  • households.
  • 5 star hotels.
  • super yachts.
  • cabin crew.
  • estates.
  • private member clubs.

Household placement agency

As a natural progression to our service, we will assist with recruitment. We will place and train:

  • housekeepers.
  • house managers.
  • estate managers.
  • butlers.
  • maids.
  • nannies
  • private chefs.
  • chauffeurs
  • gardeners.
  • domestic couples
  • much much more

Our service is total. Our methods are designed to ensure that our relationships with clients and guests are long lasting.

Private household training

Students in action

As the name of our company suggests, our service is bespoke and our  recommendations vary from client to client, changing to suit each one’s needs.

Private Household training – testimonials

“The housekeeper course was a thorough introduction to the basic and essential skills of a housekeeper and butler. The domestic staff training course delivery was relaxed and friendly and no prior knowledge was needed. This made the learning process easier and less scary. There was plenty of time to ask questions. I always got a useful response even to trivial questions. The most valuable parts of the course were the opportunity to learn from domestic staff experts. They had worked to the highest standard and in V VIP households. We got to learn the secrets of the trade that would not be found in a book.  We would recommend this course to anyone wanting to go into domestic service for the first time. It is also suitable for experienced staff. “

Adam and Greta G. March 2014


There is no other domestic staff/butler and housekeeper training program quite like The Bespoke Bureau’s.  I was so happy to find one company that could organize all the training I needed:

  • Service.
  • Management.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Etiquette.
  • Wine Knowledge.

Having opted for bespoke training I found the one-on-one attention invaluable for me as I had the tutors’ full attention at all times. I could focus on the subjects I needed to work on. I was very satisfied with the way the training was carried out. I left The Bespoke Bureau Butler Training with a boost to my confidence and great motivation.

Thank you
A. Miller
After my training I have the knowledge, tools and confidence to run the interior of a large yacht or a VIP household.  I also have a new understanding of how to carry myself at interviews and in social situations. This I believe is something I will benefit from for the rest of my life. The tutors were so welcoming and helpful. It was a great privilege for me to get to spend time with them and take advantage of their vast experience and knowledge.I would like to extend a big thank you to everyone at The Bespoke Bureau Butler Training and I would be more than happy to recommend them to anyone looking to improve their skills as a housekeeper or Butler.VIP Private Household Client trainee, 2014


We have long been of the view that the success of any yacht– charter or private – ultimately depends on the quality of the crew. We have identified a need for advanced training of our service staff that is of an unusually high standard. We needed a variety of training resources ranging from:

  • finishing schools.
  • consultancy.
  • silver service training.
  • yacht training.
  • interior training.
  • wine and champagne service.
  • Russian service.
  • VIP housekeeping.

Bespoke Bureau carried out a range of domestic staff training courses for us. They were ranging from advanced laundry and interior cleaning / fabric care, to etiquette and service tuition for all yacht staff. We found the services offered by Bespoke Bureau to be a complete success with our clients. In some cases immediately appreciated by our private owners. We now offer Bespoke’s training to all our clients as a matter of course. We wholeheartedly endorse The bespoke Bureau.

Yacht Management Company, Antibes, France


The Bespoke Bureau provides exceptional training in domestic arts.

To book a Private Household training course, please call +44 2032900142 or email

Thank you for reading

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My year as an au-pair-Read our satisified Au-pair’s stories here

More stories to be found on

My year as an au-pair.

 My name is Silvia and I’ve lived in London for 14 month as an au-pair. I started straight after my A-levels without hardly any life experience or houshold skills. Yet this nice family was kind enough to give me this life changing oppotunity. I’ve looked after two girls aged 11 and 13 at the beginning of my year an I’ve had a dog to care for ,as well. The girls are really fantastic. They are  lovely and understanding and try to be helpful wherever they can. Of course ,from time to time they can be a handful when they are in sulk or fight with each other , but generally this isn’t causing any inconveniences.


The parents both work full time and coming back in the late evening. Nevertheless they’ve been a great help for me. They explained how I had to cook things and how to use all the labour-saving devices in the right way. Besides ,whenever I made a mistake and unfortunately there were several little slip-ups from my side they never screamed at me but talked in a calm way to me and suggested how I could improve things. They’ve made my stay as comfortable as possible.


During my stay things have changed a lot. Not only has my English improved , but I have also changed in my personality. I have become more open and adventurous as London offers a wide range of activities. The number of museums ,parks ,shopping streets and clubs gives you hardly time to be bored. I can say for myself that I’ve seen so many things from castles to English towns and landscape to museums and musicals that I could have never seen  somewhere else.


 I’ve also heard a lot of stories about au-pairs who are really unlucky with their family. Then I always thought how fortunate I’ve been to have found this family who has enabled me to have one of the best years in my life!


For nothing in the world would I have missed that experience and I am very sad that it’s already over now. I know it’s going to be a very emotional farewell from the family as well as from my friends who I have made within this year.


I want to say thank you to Peek-a-boo who showed so much effort to place me with the right family.

I can truly say you did an amazing  job !



Kind regards ,



Nannies Françaises London

Nannies Françaises  

 Nannies Françaises

Nannies Françaises

Peekaboo Nannies est une agence spécialisée dans le recrutement de Nannies Françaises.  Nous nous assurons que nos nannies françaises ont de grandes qualités professionnelles et d’excellentes qualifications. Nous garantissons également leurs compétences en langues et nous avons pour objectif de trouver une nanny qui corresponde parfaitement à votre famille. Nous avons le plaisir d’avoir une consultante en recrutement française. Nous entretenons des liens forts avec la France et nous comprenons donc votre culture et vos traditions familiales.

Nannies Françaises – L’agence 

L’agence Peekaboo nannies travaille avec des familles françaises depuis plus de sept ans et nous nous félicitons de fournir un service toujours à votre écoute et responsable. Nous sommes ravis de constater qu’une grande partie des clients qui nous contactent par le biais de la page « recommendation testimonials » sont de nationalité française.  (Voir Nos témoignages)

Nannies Françaises Londres

Nous sommes en mesure d’aider les familles françaises qui s’installent à Londres en leur offrant la meilleure solution possible pour leurs enfants. Nous ferons tout notre possible pour trouver la nanny qui vous convient le mieux. L’agence Peekaboo Nannies est également en mesure de vous donner des conseils professionnels variés, notamment en aidant l’enfant à s’adapter à un nouveau milieu social et dans son apprentissage d’une nouvelle langue. Nannies Françaises

Nannies Françaises -Nanny Club de Londres

Nous invitons les nannies à nous rencontrer lors de l’unique Nanny Club de Londres. Notre psychologue de l’enfant et notre puéricultrice s’entretiennent avec les nannies et leur offrent conseils et soutien concernant des sujets tels que la législation, le développement de l’enfant, les activités adaptées à l’âge d’un enfant ainsi que les problèmes de comportement. Nous aidons également nos nannies à améliorer leurs CV et leurs techniques d’entretien d’embauche. Nous avons organisé des rencontres French Nanny Club où nous avons traité des problèmes que rencontrent les professionnels de l’enfance en commençant leur carrière au Royaume-Uni.

Nanny Club de Londres Nanny Ecole

L’agence Perfect Nanny est fière d’avoir son propre In-House Nanny Training Course spécialement conçu pour les nannies françaises. Un certificat est délivré à la fin du programme à toutes les nannies ayant été présentes.

N’hésitez pas à contacter l’agence Peekaboo Nannies au +44 (0) 2032900142 pour organiser un rendez-vous si vous souhaitez discuter sans engagement d’une éventuelle garde de votre enfant ou bien pour avoir accès à la liste des nannies disponibles. Vous pouvez également vous inscrire en ligne.

Notre consultante Sara a de nombreux liens avec les communautés de nannies et gouvernantes françaises à Londres et en France. Elle vous aidera tout au long de votre démarche et sera toujours disponible et à votre écoute. Nannies Françaises

Contact us

Kind Regards, Peekaboo

Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard
Bank | London | EC2V 5AE, UK

Phone: +44 (0) 2032900142

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Become a Butler with us

Become a Butler

Become a Butler with us

Become a Butler with us today

If you are looking to become a butler then look no further. The British Butler Academy is a world famous Butler training school. We are going from strength to strength and are looking to train more people who are looking to become a butler.

About the Academy where you can train to become a Butler

The British Butler Academy (BBA) is an award winning and exclusive Butler & House Management school. We are proud to offer our clients and candidates the most exclusive Butler training in the UK. We train existing hotel staff, managers, Butlers and other staff to become top Butlers and/or House Managers or Estate Managers.

Why train with the British Butler training academy to become a butler?

Our Butler trainers and teachers are the finest and most experienced in the world. With over 200 years experience between the 4 of them, we offer a vast knowledge of the industry and domestic history of some of England’s and the rest of the world’s finest Stately Homes, Hotels and Estates. Our mission is to pass on to you, our knowledge of this wonderfully unique profession. This way you can become a Butler who is one of the best in the world.

Become a butler and get paid top salaries

Become a Butler with us

Happy graduates

Get ahead of the game. with the British Butler Training Diploma new doors will open for you. You will not only be seen as THE TOP Butler and be in big demand, but employers will bid highly on you. The training with us will make you become a butler who is sought after. This will allow you to choose the best job around and earning big ££.

Bespoke Butlers and why people want to train to become a butler with us.

  • Our Butlers are considered the finest and most experienced in the world.
  • We offer a vast knowledge of the industry and domestic history of some of England’s finest Stately Homes, Hotels and Estates.
  • Our mission is to pass on to you, our knowledge of this wonderfully unique profession.
  • The British Butler training course belongs to the award winning, British Butler Academy (BBA).
  • We are an accredited learning centre.
  • The certificate is well known world wide and is acknowledged as THE best Butler certificate around.
  • We offer all students who don’t pass a chance to re train with us on the same course and free of charge within a year. This is only if we have space.
  • All our courses are run in estates and real life settings. This is for you to gain an understanding of what the job is all about.
  • If you pass then you will get a chance to have a written reference from our director who is world famous and known as “The First Lady of Service”.
  • The only Butler Academy in the world that is endorsed by the British Butler Association.

    Become a Butler with us

    Become a Butler with us and train at the UK’s finest estates

How we conduct our training:

  • Our Butler training offers the very highest private service.
  • We teach you what is required by top society of today.
  • We teach you how to manage and run private residences and 5 star hotels and resorts.
  • We tailor make your training for those who wish.
  • We offer standard training in groups.
  • Offering short seminars of 2 days and the courses run from 1 week to 4 weeks.
  • Flexibility.
  • You can come to us and either train in London and/or one of the stately homes we use or we can come to you.

This is your private training service taught at the very highest standards from us to you.

You will come away as the PERFECT BRITISH BUTLER.

Who trains with us to Become a Butler?

  • Five-star hotels and resorts turn to us for staff training, consultancy and recruitment.
  • Butlers, House managers, Estate Managers.
  • People with a service mind from all walks of life who wish to become qualified Butlers.
  • Anyone in the service industry who wants to excel and become one of the best Butlers in the world.

For more information on the British Butler training course and how to become a butler, contact: +442032900142 or

You can find more information on our websites or contact the team:

Sara Vestin Rahmani

Kind Regards,

Sara Vestin Rahmani – Director

Bespoke Bureau, Peek-a-boo and Cupcakes

Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard

Bank | London | EC2V 5AE

Main phone: +44 (0) 2032900142

Best Housekeeper Agency London

Best housekeeper agency London

Call +442032900142 for more info or email the best housekeeper agency London on

Best housekeeper agency London – who are we?

  • The Bespoke Bureau is considered the best housekeeper agency London and the UK.
  • We offer the most exclusive, personal and professional household staff service.
  • If you are looking for a housekeeper London then look no further
  • We have the best Filipina Housekeepers and Housekeepers from other countries available.
  • We place housekeepers and other domestic staff in London, the countryside and the rest of the UK as well as in the south of France, Dubai and many other locations.

    Best housekeeper agency London

    Best housekeeper agency London -Find an elite housekeeper with us

Best housekeeper agency London – why a housekeeper?

There are many reasons why wealthy homes decide that they need to use the best housekeeper agency London.

  • A housekeeper London or a house manager in London can make a big difference to those with busy lifestyles.
  • A housekeeper can help you keep an organised home at al times
  • A housekeeper can sort your laundry and ironing out
  • A housekeeper can help keep dust allergies away
  • Some housekeepers can also babysit 

Whatever the reason or circumstance which leads to looking for housekeepers in London, rest assured that we will help. With the best housekeeper agency London, your dream housekeeper can be found today.

Best housekeeper agency London – why us?

There are many domestic staff agencies in the UK but make sure you pick one with a good reputation and that deals with VIP and High Profile domestic household staff. This can save time and money in the long run to be prepared. One of the first things you need to identify is whether you need a Housekeeper or other staff. Our experts will help you define this. The best housekeeper agency London will be able to provide you with top housekeepers in London and other top household staff in the UK. If you decide that you only need to hire temporary domestic help for a few months or to hire permanent home help. Either way, the Best housekeeper agency London will sort you out

Contact the best housekeeper agency London

We look forward to helping you. Please be clear about your requirements from the outset and the staffing agency will help you get the right help for your home, estate, house or country mansion.

Give us a ring today on +442032900142 or email us on for a more in depth chat about the various types of Housekeepers and other staff you can have from us

Please also visit our sister agency for childcarers

How to use a Butler Stick

How to use a Butler Stick


The Butler Stick has long been used in the Royal Palaces and the great estates of wealthy around the world. The Butler Stick is one of the secret tools of the highly trained professional that allows them to accurately set the table. Remember accuracy helps define the mediocre from the truly professional Butler. So how does one use a Butler Stick correctly? Below are a few simple tips to guide you through the process.

How to use a Butler Stick – The 24” Rule

This is one of the first rules you will be applying when preparing to set a formal table. The 24” rule refers to the ideal amount of space required from the centre of one plate to the centre of the other plate, which will allow the guest plenty of elbowroom. The picture below illustrates my point. Remember this distance of 24” is considered the ideal spacing. Often you may need to decrease the distance because the table is not large enough.

For two adjacent place settings, 24” between the centre of one plate to the centre of the other plate NOTE: In metric the conversion of 24 inches is approximately 60 centimetres.

Calibrating The Individual Place Setting With A Butler Stick


There are a few guidelines when it comes to preparing an individual place setting. These guidelines will make the overall process of table setting both accurate and easy. These guidelines for calculating individual place settings apply to all western style place settings, that is North American, European, formal or informal.

Step 1: The base line for the place setting should always be +/- 1” from the edge of the table. The width of the Butler Stick is the ideal tool for this measurement. Align the Butler Stick at the edge of the table.
Step 2: The top of the Butler Stick becomes the base line for the place setting. Base line created by the top of stick
Step 3: The measurement between the charger and the first knife will determine the spacing between all of the elements of the place setting.
Step 4: Using the measurement between the charger and the first knife, apply this exact measurement to all of the points on this diagram. Each red dot represents the exact same amount of space as calculated in Step 3.


Symmetry Of The Individual Place Setting

A place setting that is pleasing to the eye incorporates one of the basic principles of design and that is symmetry. When all the elements are arranged symmetrically with careful placement and exact spacing it creates balance and proportion. Anyone who sees a beautifully appointed and well-executed place setting instinctively knows that standards of a professional Butler have been applied.

Horizontal Symmetry Vertical Symmetry



Symmetry of the Formal Table

The symmetry of the entire table is as important as the symmetry of the individual place setting. Again, the attention to detail sets the difference between a professional Butler and an amateur.


To set a formal table correctly you must take your time to ensure all the place settings are properly spaced. This is a project that cannot be rushed because symmetry requires mathematical calculation (see 24 Rule) and the aid of two handy tools. This process, of course is for the most formal of occasions and not suggested for everyday table settings.


The two handy tools that you will need to be successful in achieving symmetry, particularly on large dining tables are a Butler Stick and a long piece of string. The Butler Stick will enable you to take measurements so the spacing of all elements on the table will be exact. The piece of string that is secured at both ends of the table is an ideal way to create a level base line for your place settings.


When you think of the scale of very large dining tables with 12, 25 or even 75 guests per side, the string and the Butler Stick are very handy tools to setting a symmetrical table. Once the table is set do a visual inspection of the whole table from one end to another to adjust any imperfections.


To train with us to become a Butler on our Butler school please call +442032900142 or email