Butler Service Training China

Butler Service Training China

Butler Service Training China

Butler Service Training China

Our Butler Service Training in China is world renowned and famous. We offer butler courses in Chinese and English.

The Butler Service Training China owner, Sara Vestin Rahmani, tells of her successes in Asia, the Middle East Africa, United States of America along with Europe.

“This is an exciting time for Bespoke Bureau & The British Butler Academy. We are now operating and offering luxury Butler Service Training China for hotels and for wealthy families. Also, The Luxury and bespoke Butler Service Course  is the first program in China to offer a dual language option,” said Ms Vestin Rahmani

Why train with us?

  • We offer the butler training curriculum in Chinese and English and can provide interpreters
  • Our Butler graduates have always been highly sought after with most of them gaining increased butler service skills and in some cases, career moves up to Head Butler status, in their hotel shortly after graduation.
  • The Butler Service Training China and UK is accredited by OCN London. The Butler courses are certified in China and the UK to ensure it is of the highest standard to the luxury hotel industry and for private clients.

    Butler Service Training China

    Butler Service Training China – Sara Vestin Rahmani in China

Butler Service Training China – what is a Butler?

Butlers are leaders and managers, usually heading up a team of professionals, delivering a level of personalised service that exceeds the expectations of employers and guests. Skilfully training and developing other staff members the butler often presents himself as a ‘mini-manager’.

Mr Florentin, who has been involved in the development of Butler Service Training China says that this is by far the most comprehensive and well – organized program he has encountered.

“The standards within the program recognise the need to be meaningful, valuable and relevant, and are tailored to meet the specific needs of hospitality industry clients, individuals and different cultural groups,” said Florentin.

The British Butler Academy is the most famous operating butler training organization in the world.

Butler Service Training in ChinaButler Service Training China

Our head Butler trainers for China, translates their years of experience through a training program that is designed to offer individual modules which combine to create a package of skills which suit the needs of individual work situations.

We believe that a professional Chinese butler should be prompt, courteous, organised, well-groomed, honest, trustworthy, friendly but not familiar, reliable and an unobtrusive professional. A butler is committed to the highest standards of service, anticipates as well as expedites, organises as well as implements, and delegates effectively.

Butlers are very often the first and last point of contact for the employer and guest and this is seen as the best that can be offered, in fact, an ambassador of high standards. Now China can share more effectively in this philosophy with the program notes and presentations translated into Chinese and/or with sub-titles.

Sara Vestin Rahmani says that being the ambassador of this Butler Service Training in China operation carries great responsibility and respect. A Butler must be a consummate professional with impeccable personal standards, attention to detail and the ability to anticipate the needs of employers and guests.

For more information about the Butler Service Training China, in Chinese, please email or: +44 (0) 2032900142 or email us on

We speak Chinese and English

Domestic Staff Company UK

Domestic Staff Company UK

The Best of the Best Domestic Staff Company UK is called Bespoke Bureau. We offer families and 5 star hotels a huge range of domestic staff workers and hotel workers. Our candidates are considered the bespoke in the world.

Sara Vestin Rahmani is the Founder of the Bespoke Bureau Butler Academy and Domestic Staff agency and has been the torchbearer of Private Service for over thirty years. She is referred to as the “First Lady of Service in the UK”!  When she opened Bespoke Bureau, it swiftly became the leading Domestic Staff Company UK

Domestic Staff agency UK- Sara Vestin Rahmani

Domestic Staff agency UK- Sara Vestin Rahmani

Domestic Staff Company UK- how we work

  • We focus on quality as opposed to quantity.
  • We listen to your needs
  • We offer affordable prices
  • We have the best domestic staff available
  • We offer training courses for domestic staff  
  • We are a seasoned Placement agency placing staff with a 90% success rate.
  • We are based in central London and can come and see you or you are welcome to us

What separates our domestic staff company UK from the competition? Read about us and how we made it

Bespoke Bureau & British Butler Academy has gone one step further and invested time as well as thousands of pounds and more to provide the most reputable private service company in the World. We are considered not only 5 star, but a 6 star company. We are a Franchise and operate globally with focus on the UK, Europe, Middle East, China and Russia. To find out more about us, please contact the office on +442032900142 or


Household Management training

Household Management training

Household Management training

Household Management training graduates

The Best of the Best Household Management training course in the world.

Sara Vestin Rahmani is the Founder of the Bespoke Bureau & The British Butler Academy. She has been the torch bearer of Private Service for over a decade. She is referred to as the “First Lady of Service”. Our residential and travelling  Household Management training courses are part of a much larger operation. The British Butler Academy is have set the standard for the industry! Our company is now a global franchise.

Household Management training and how it works:

Our Household Management training courses have been fine tuned over many years. We provide utmost commitment to the private service profession. We are considered a refined institute. We have focused on quality as opposed to quantity. We continuously develop our curriculums to make sure that we are always ahead of the game. We offer a broad and comprehensive range of modules and have published multiple text books in Household Management training

Household Management training locations

Our head quarters are in a grade II listed building on the prestigious and historical landmark Guildhall in the city of London. We also have a number of stately manors where we teach.  It is important that our training is held in real life settings. If you prefer, we can also come to you. Anywhere in the world. No training is too big or too small for us.

Diploma on the Household Management training courses

Upon successful completion of the Household Management training, you will be awarded with a Certificate. A qualification from Bespoke Bureau’s prestigious Butler & House Manager Academy is sure to propel you in your current career. It will put you ahead of others in your profession.

On our previous House Manager training courses students have a very high success rate in finding jobs after the course.

Modules on the training:

Household management training

  • The Role of the House Manager.
  • Greeting Guests.
  • General House Etiquette.
  • Personal Hygiene and Dress Code.
  • Employer Expectations & Professionalism.
  • Cultural Difference and Communication.
  • House Rules.
  • PA/Concierge Work.
  • Flower Arrangement
  • Guest Departure Etiquette
  • Silver service.
  • Other services.
  • Much much more.

Employment after the Training Courses

We are also a leading domestic staff agency in London. Due to our dedication to providing our clients with dependable household staff, we have become well known. We have built up an enviable reputation across London and can provide tailored household staff services to suit our clients’ private household staff requirements.

We are able to place most students in a good role after the course but cannot promise that we will do. It will be down to you how engaged you are with the trainer, the modules and the other students.

Please note the below points that are important for the booking and participation of the House Management Training courses

  • The cost is £3000+VAT (instalments possible)
  • The accommodation is subsidised by us and costs £75-150 per night per person in shared or own space
  • You must stay with us during the residential training.
  • We need a deposit asap to secure your space.
  • Please wear black trousers and black shoes. Hair up, no visible tattoos or piercings.
  • We provide shirts, ties and white gloves that you need to pay a deposit for.
  • We always have journalists from TV or the Media with us and you need to be ok with this.
  • The media will of course raise your profile in this industry.
  • You will receive your certificate at the end of the course.
  • You can also get references from our director and the head trainer.
  • A cook is on site so you will get 3 meals a day. Snacks and drinks are provided daily but if you have specific dietary requirements, please bring your own.
  • Household Management training

    House Manager training courses-Become part of the household elite

    House Manager training courses-Become part of the household elite

Contact us:

If you are interested in enrolling, please call or email with any queries or just to find out what the course is all about.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained and there is no such thing as a ‘silly question’. We look forward to having you on one of our world famous Household Management training courses. Thank you!

Sara Vestin Rahmani

Sara Vestin Rahmani & Lucy of the British Butler Academy

Kind regards, Sara Vestin Rahmani and Team

Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard
Bank | London | EC2V 5AE, UK
Phone: +44 (0) 2032900142



Watch us on the internet:

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House management training courses

House management training courses

Come and join our famous 2 week residential course. We are based in London and have a real life setting. Your training with us is the same as 1 year real life experience. We are accredited and the only company recommended by The British Butler Association.House management training courses

We are the leading training company for:

  • Household Managers
  • Personal Assistants
  • Estate Managers
  • Butlers
  • Housekeepers

Information on the courses

House management training courses

Graduate with a smile

The British Butler Academy were first to develop this course. It is for students looking to gain top skills in the private service  industry. We want all our graduates to come out as leaders. We look to gain a higher standard of house management. The students will progress to the next level. The intensive 2 week program requires commitment for success.

On the job – what must I know?

To become an excellent house or estate manager you will have a lot of responsibilities. Some may include:

  • caring for multiple homes.
  • staff management.
  • supervising renovations.
  • house management.
  • housekeeping.
  • all levels of service.
  • high end professionalism.

Our curriculum on the House management training courses

Topics Include:

  • Personal Dynamics.
  • Team work.
  • Social Correspondence.
  • Communication Skill.
  • National & International Travel.
  • Reservations & Itineraries.
  • Advanced Etiquette.
  • International Protocol.
  • Entertaining with style.
  • Service of all types.
  • Silver service training.
  • Wine & Champagne Service and much much more

    House management training courses

    House management training courses

This course teaches what it really takes to be successful in household management. It can be hard to manage the estates of the wealthy and powerful but this course will help you.

Book your place today:

House management training courses booking at our offices via phone or email.

Thank you!

Sara Vestin Rahmani

Bespoke Bureau

Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard

Bank | London | EC2V 5AE

Main phone: +44 (0) 2032900142

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European domestic staff agency

European domestic staff agency

Dear Potential Client,

European domestic staff agency

Sara Vestin Rahmani and chef at the agency

Bespoke Bureau is the largest European domestic staff agency. We specialize in the placement and training of quality household staff. We also source 5 Star Hotel and yacht staff. We pride ourselves on our integrity, efficiency and professionalism. We provide a worldwide placement agency service. For clients who require expert service, discretion and loyalty, we are considered the best. Our placement philosophy centres on providing you with the most suitable staff for your specific needs and expectations.

What we do:

We provide household staff for casual, semi-formal and formal households. Our clients are based in large cities, small towns or remote country areas globally. With our strict evaluation process, we are able to accurate provide you with the best employees.

European domestic staff agency

A butler or valet will polish your shoes to perfection

When you instruct us, we will put forward suitable candidates for your available position quickly. We adhere to our agency’s strict requirements. You can be sure that you will only get presented with the best staff available.  We never advertise and all our recruitment is done via recommendation.

The European domestic staff agency understands that your family and home are your prime concerns. We respect your tight time schedules.  We will thus only send you staff that are evaluated on their presence and suitability for your particular home. We are selective about the applicants we represent. We will refer only the best possible employees to you. Our reputation is at stake and as is your home. We are protective over both.

European domestic staff agency and our testimonials:

European domestic staff agency

Thumbs up to our award winning agency

“He is a great person to work with and works well under pressure and works well with a team. I cannot speak more highly of him, he is exceptional in very many ways.”

“I have found her of outstanding character – extremely reliable/trustworthy, organized and hard working.”

“During her time here she’s been with us there has not been one day when I could say I have been anything other than wholly satisfied with her work”

“He became a valuable asset in his department, turning his hand to many things that were alien to him demonstrating an aptitude for picking things up with velocity”

 “Marie has a quiet character and is hard working”

“She was exceedingly bright, and would find ways to make the household run more smoothly and efficiently of her own accord. She had tremendous initiative, which would be a benefit to any company. She is honest to a fault and I did and would again trust her with my home, my family, my car, my bank card and my belongings.”

“I have found Michelle to be diligent, hard working, extremely organised, a self-starter, discreet, trustworthy and highly motivated. She works well on her own initiative”

Bespoke Bureau will never compromise your needs. You can trust us fully to find you the most suitable candidate for you.

Thank you!

Bespoke Bureau

Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard

Bank | London | EC2V 5AE

Main phone: +44 (0) 2032900142

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Housekeeping Certification

Housekeeping Certification

Housekeeping Training Certification

Housekeeping Training Certification-Beautiful student in training

The famous Housekeeping Certification course in London. We have space available all year around. Book your space today. People interested in improving their knowledge in the domestic industry are welcome to apply now. + 442032900142

Dates for the Housekeeping certification

Higher standards with us

Here at the British Butler Academy, we:

  • hold ourselves to a higher standard.
  • our program is accredited and famous.
  • have the best teachers in the industry.
  • have live in and daily courses.
  • offer individual courses and group courses.

Housekeeping Certification with the Best of the Best

All of our programs are recognized and our curriculum meets the UK’s education requirements. The British Butler Academy sought accreditation because we wanted our students to get the best training there is. Our mission is to continuously improve standards of excellence and effectiveness. We are the only Butler training academy in the world recommended by the British Butler association. The same goes for our Housekeeping Training Certification courses.

Housekeeping Certification-Sara Vestin Rahmani at one of her mansions for the training

Housekeeping Certification-Sara Vestin Rahmani at one of her mansions for the training

Why our Housekeeping Certification?

We give our students quality education. We provide you with a security to e-course within a year if needbe. Earn more money with our qualification. Make friends for life. Enjoy yourself. Become a great house wife. We will provide our students with everything they need to be successful when they take their Housekeeping Certification with us.

Why do we encourage professional Housekeeping Certification?

  • It makes you a better worker
  • People find work easier
  • Employers sending their staff to us are happier with their housekeepers after the training
  • Our graduates make friends for life
  • Higher wages for staff with housekeeping Certification

Book the Housekeeping Training Certification courses:

+442032900142 or email

Visit our vimeo page

Professional Yacht interior training

Professional Yacht interior training UK

Book our famous Professional Yacht interior training and become the best of the best. Our Steward and Stewardess training courses in the UK are known to the best in the world. We offer a 5 star yacht for our students where they live and train with us. The courses runs over 5 days and the trainer is an elite Butler, Chief Stew and private jet trainer.

Please contact us on: or 00 +44 2032900142 to book and pay. You will then be sent further information.

Forthcoming 5 day Professional Yacht interior training dates:

All year around

The Yacht crew courses run in London all year around

The Yacht crew courses run in London all year around

The training venue

Exclusive to the British Butler Academy, we have a 5 star luxury yacht in central London. here we offer you the chance to train in this exclusive real life environment. You will be practising elite yacht service with a small group of like minded people. We feel that the best way to teach you perfect yacht service is to offer you a real life setting. This way you can learn on the job. You will get the skills needed for employment on board super yachts.

Professional Yacht interior training – what is included?

Our 5 day training course and accommodation packages start from £1500, and include:

  • 5 day professional Super Yacht Steward/ess Training Course.
  • 5 Star accommodation on the luxury yacht.
  • 3 meals a day.
  • Full page training manual.
  • Certificate.
  • CV help if you wish.
  • Real life training setting.
  • Press coverage.
  • Celebrity spotting sometimes.

    Professional Yacht interior training

    Professional Yacht interior training

What we will teach you:

  • Pros and cons of the super yacht industry.
  • The life of a Steward/ess – watch videos and listen to the experiences of super.
  • Yacht crew members job descriptions and salaries.
  • What you do when guests come on board.
  • Super yacht crew hierarchy.
  • The difference between charter and private yachts.
  • The behaviour of crew – on and off the vessel.
  • What you can expect in your cabin.
  • Itineraries, yachting seasons.
  • SILVER SERVICE training
  • Distinguish between many varying types of cutlery and learn about them.
  • Learn and practice table setting layouts – from basic to more formal.
  • Learn which types of glassware to use during meal service, and where to place it.
  • Learn other service styles.
  • Family service and Russian service.
  • The order of serving during meals.
  • The correct way to silver serve your guests.
  • Clearing basics.
  • Coffee service.
  • Wine service
  • Learn what it takes to expertly decorate a formal dining table for your guests.
  • Practice using a variety of objects to create a perfect themed setting.
  •  Detail cleaning – spend each morning on the training course cleaning bedrooms and remaking beds here– exactly as you will do on board the super yachts.
  • Learn the art of towel and toilet roll folding.
  • Laundry specifics – crew uniform and guest clothing, ironing and folding sheets, napkins and tablecloths
  • Interior maintenance – including the care and maintenance of silver and brass
  • Go over an array of wine varieties from around the world, showing the techniques to help you develop your palate.
  • Learn the best wines to complement the meals you will be serving, enabling you to select the perfect wine for your guests every time.
  • How to use percolator, stove top espresso pot, French press and automatic coffee machine
  •  Differentiate between different types of espresso coffees
  • Learn how to steam milk to create the perfect cappuccino and latte
  • The items needed to expertly equip your on-board bar
  •  Practice making fabulous cocktails for your guests


  • Super yacht CV’s explained
  • What captains and crew agencies expect to see in a perfect CV
  • The perfect photo
  • Leave this module with a CV to the standards required of the super yacht crew agencies, as well as having joined numerous agencies throughout the course

    Professional Yacht interior training

    Join the elite today

Work after my Professional Yacht interior training

Once you have trained on our yacht you can find work. It is considered the same as about 1 years experience. Now the world really is your oyster. You can get up close and personal with the rich and famous and meet some really fantastic people. Live the life of your dreams. There is no denying that it can be hard work, but the rewards are fabulous.

Once you are a super yacht crew member the opportunities are far greater than you could imagine. Whether you are looking for a gap year or permanent position packed with adventure and a large salary, I can guarantee the yachting industry is for you.

Professional Yacht interior training – our teachers

Professional Yacht interior training

Our trainers are known as the best in the industry. With their combined 100 years of experience on the finest yachts in the world, they are the elite. They will teach you real life knowledge in real life settings. Your certificate will be appreciated by your current or future employer.

Thank you!

Sara Vestin Rahmani

Bespoke Bureau

Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard

Bank | London | EC2V 5AE

Main phone: +44 (0) 2032900142

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Training super yachts with us

Training super yachts

Training for super yachts

Training for super yachts in central London

We have a popular course in central London. The course is on a 5 star Yacht in a private marina: +442032900142

Do I need previous experience for you training super yachts courses?

No! A but a small amount of hospitality experience is be useful. Many students we train have no previous background and still find jobs. We will teach you everything you need to know. Sometimes it works out better if you don’t have any previous experience. This way you don’t have to unlearn previously learnt bad habits.

How many students are on the Training super yachts?

We have a maximum of 6-8 students on our Training super yachts which gives you all the individual attention you need. Smaller classes are more conductive to learning. Our Training for super yachts are full on with lots to learn.  You get to know the other students well as you live on our yacht whilst you train.

Do I really need to do a steward/ess training to work?

It depends on what your previous work history includes. Generally, we suggest that everyone should do it. It will help you gain confidence, in the yachting industry.

Training for super yachtsDo you do super yacht recruitment?

We are both a recruitment agency and a training super yachts course provider so yes.

Training super yachts, other questions:

  • Do I have to be thin? No, just fit and active for your own sake.
  • Another question we get asked about is age. Think you’re too old, think again. Probably not . But you have to, again be fit and active. And healthy of course.

FAQ About the Super Yacht Industry 

What is a super yacht?

A super yacht is a luxury travelling boat. It sails to glamorous and exotic locations. These are floating homes for the rich and famous. They include Jacuzzis, gyms, cinemas, jet-skis and other water toys. They may have major artworks and state of the art entertainment systems.

What crew positions are available on board super yachts?

Training for super yachts

Be the best you can be

There are many full time and seasonal positions on board these yachts all year. We place the students on our Training super yachts courses.

What does a steward/ess do?

A steward/ess is responsible for the care of the yacht’s interior. He or she is also there to care for the guests on board. Duties will range from:

  • serving all meal
  • preparing buffets
  • preparing parties
  • laundry and housekeeping
  • wine service
  • making cocktails
  • cleaning and maintaining the interior to a 7 star standard.
  • They will organise excursions for the guests
  • Sometimes you may be required to look after children

What experience do I need to have?

Previous hospitality skills or customer service skills are a must for all interior crew, either through previous work experience or a super yacht steward/ess training course. Skills in silver service, flower arranging, bar tending and cocktail making, ironing and laundry skills are all required if you wish to become an interior crew member. You can learn these skills on our Training super yachts.

Do I need any formal qualifications to work on board a super yacht?

Yes! You need to have a certification called STCW-95 Basic Safety Training (STCW stands for Safety Training, Certification in Watch keeping). This course is now mandatory for all super yacht crew members and you will find it difficult to find work without it. You will also need an ENG1. This is a crew members medical needed for work on board the larger super yachts, and is slowly becoming mandatory for all crew members.

Training for super yachts

Flower arranging is key

Is the job the same as on a cruise ship?

No! Usually cruise liners have hundreds of crew members.A super yacht there will generally be a ratio of one crew member to one guest. You have direct interaction with the guests. Typically maximum 12-14 on board at any one time. This makes it a much more personalised service. The standards of a super yacht are higher as every detail is scrutinised by the owners and guests. These people are used to the best of everything so standards are required to remain high at all times.

How much can I earn?

A junior steward/ess can earn from £1900 per month rising to £5000+ per month for a chief steward/ess position. If you work on board a charter yacht, you can earn more and with extra tips. Also, you will not have to pay any living expenses like food or accommodation.

How hard is it to find work on a super yacht?

Easy with our Training super yachts school in London. The super yacht industry is growing. There are not enough trained interior crew members to meet the demand. As long as you show off what you have learned during the Training super yachts with us you should find a good job.

I am only looking for a 6 months position during a gap year, is yachting for me?

Training for super yachts

Get a job on one of these

Yes! There are many seasonal positions in yachting, April to September being the most popular time for seasonal steward/ess positions.

I have just lost my job and am looking for a change in lifestyle, is this for me?

Yes! A permanent yacht crew member is a very rewarding position and there are many opportunities to move up the career ladder. You work with a group of like-minded individuals. You wake up every day in a new place. It is both challenging and rewarding. As a permanent crew member you will be entitled to great benefits.

What kind of person is yachting most suited to?

Those who are physically fit and healthy. You will often be required to work long house and be on your feet for most of the time. You need to have a friendly personality and be tolerant of others. Being a team player is important.

What do I do when I have completed the course?

Once you have completed the training super yachts course with us, you will be well equipped to join the super yacht industry. During the training super yachts course you will meet  many other prospective crew members. Usually the trainees of each course make plans to go loo for work together. Or we will place you in jobs before you leave.

This sounds too good to be true. 

Working on board a super yacht is an amazing experience. It is a great opportunity to travel the world whilst earning a fantastic salary. Although it can be glamorous, a lot of the time it is not. You will be working for very long hours, often with no breaks. A lot  of the time you work for weeks with no days off. So yes, you earn a great salary but work hard.

Contact us to book your training super yachts course:

Give us a ring on +44 2032900142. You can also email us on

Kind Regards, Bespoke Bureau

Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard
Bank | London | EC2V 5AE, UK
Phone: +44 (0) 2032900142

Watch us on our internet channels:

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Leading Domestic Staff Agencies UK

Leading Domestic Staff Agencies UK

leading domestic staff agencies

We have a large selection of staff

Bespoke Bureau is one of the world’s Leading Domestic Staff Agencies.

We are a well known domestic staff agency in London. Due to our dedication in providing our clients with dependable, thorough and professional household staff. We have built up a great reputation across London and can provide tailored household staff services to suit our clients’ requirements. We also train household staff for families that need specific skills in their household.

We only hire experienced staff who can deliver the high standards.  Our household staff agency has a tough recruitment process. We ensure the staff have the right professional attitude and personality to work for you.

Why we are the one of the Leading Domestic Staff Agencies

All our domestic staff understand the importance of hard work and discretion. We are 100% committed to delivering an outstanding household service. Our staff come recommended from other employers. You can be sure that you will hire the best staff via us.

As one of the world’s leading household staff agencies, we will work alongside you to ensure that all your needs are met. We provide  these domestic staff:

•             House or Estate Managers

•             Butlers for private homes or hotels

•             Housekeepers

•             Gardeners and Handymen

•             Nannies and all other child carers

•             Personal Assistants

•             Valets

•             Chauffeurs and Private Drivers

•             Private Chefs and Cooks

leading domestic staff agencies

A fleet of domestic staff can make a big difference to your life

•             And more

Contact us today.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Main Office

Bespoke Bureau
Blackwell House
Guildhall Yard
Near Bank
City of London
England, UK

Main phone:   +44 (0) 2032900142

Main email:

Watch us on internet:

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Butler school information

Dear Readers, we daily get emails from people asking us for Butler school information. Please have a look on this page to find out what is on offer. The British Butler Academy is a famous Butler school based in the United Kingdom. The Butler institute is esteemed to be the best in the world.

Butler school information

Butler school information – read and join

Butler school information – our industry

The luxury service  market is booming. The rich are getting richer. Butlers and House Managers must understand the needs of their bosses. Our Butler school students receive training in how to correctly execute their job. We teach the skills of how to work. We also teach you how to manage other staff correctly. Our curriculum is one to be extremely proud of as each Butler student who undergoes elite Butler Training will take each lesson with him / her for life.

Butler school information – what you can expect to learn with us

  • The Role of the Butler
  • Household Management
  • Table Management
  • Housekeeping and Laundry Management
  • The True Art of Service
  • Home computer and tech training
  • Jet and Yacht Butler – Life at sea for a Butler and vice versa, Life in the air for a Butler
  • Silver Service and management
  • Etiquette and Protocol
Butler school information

Head Butler Trainer checks his collar during butler training

A Butler must be able to do the following:

  •  How to run the Butler’s office
  • How to keep household accounts
  • Answering the door to visitors
  • How to acquire the perfect telephone manner
  • The butler book
  • How to use the pantry book  (Some Butlers are now using computers)
  • The guest & menu book ( visitors book )
  • How to be discreet, loyal and dedicated
  • How to behave with your employers
  • How to keep up your professional standards and the importance of your appearance
  • The importance of your own behavior off duty
  • Housekeeping
  • The housekeeper’s role
  • The care of clothes and preparing clothes daily
  • Household cleaning techniques and the type of materials to be used
  • Understanding the care and cleaning of antiques
  • Discussing cleaning silver
  • Laying a table for luncheon
  • Laying a table for dinner
  • How to serve a luncheon and a dinner
  • How to give silver service
  • Packing suitcases
  • Booking air fares
  • Booking hotels
  • Booking restaurants
  • Check-lists for all occasions
  • How to organise a dinner
  • Table plans
  • Hiring agency staff
  • Butler school information

    Our Butler trainers are considered the best

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Blackwell House
Guildhall Yard
Near Bank
City of London
England, UK
Main phone:   +44 (0) 2032900142
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