Available Butler courses

Available Butler courses

Book your space on our available Butler courses: Phone: +44 (0) 2032900142 or: info@bespokebureau.com

Home of The Best British Butler Academy

Home of The Best British Butler Academy

The Best British Butler Academy (BBA) is an award winning and exclusive Butler school. We are based in London, UK. We also travel worldwide to supply training courses for 5 Star Domestic Staff Settings and 5 Star Hotels. We are proud to offer our clients and candidates the most exclusive Butler training in the world.

Best British Butler Academy - Sara Vestin Rahmani is the owner

Best British Butler Academy – Sara Vestin Rahmani is the owner

Why train at our available Butler courses?

Our available Butler courses offer:

  • 2 day to 4 week courses all over the world.
  • We fly or travel to you or can train your staff here with us.
  • Our teachers are the finest and most experienced in the world. With over 200 years experience between the 8 of them, we offer a vast knowledge of the industry.
  • Our mission is to pass on to you or your staff, our knowledge of this wonderfully unique profession.
  • Get ahead of the game with the British Butler Training Diploma new doors will open for you.
  • The British Butler Academy (BBA) is acknowledged as THE best Butler training school in the world.
  • Our Butler training offers the very highest private service that would be required by top society of today.
  • Flexibility. You can come to us and either train in London and/or one of the stately homes we use or we can come to you.
  • We fly to all the corners of the world with recent years mainly focusing on China, Middle East and South America.
  • Our aim is for you or your Staff to come away as the PERFECT BRITISH BUTLER.

 Valeting module at the academy

Who books out available butler courses?

  1. 5 Star hotels and resorts turn to us for staff training, consultancy and recruitment.
  2. Butlers, House Managers, Estate Managers, Housekeepers, Service minded people
  3. Normal people with a service mind who wish to become qualified Butlers
  4. Anyone in the service industry who wishes to become the best.

Available Butler courses – Downton Abbey style

Our residential training in Norfolk offers a real life Downton abbey style training. There is something special about our mansion in the countryside where the students live and train. We teach traditional butlering with a modern twist. Modern day butlers are considered to be one of the most versatile domestic employees, as the role has evolved into a diverse range of quality services. Therefore we teach you all you need to know. The main role is a balance of management and liaison of services. The precise duties of the employee will vary but we will teach you how to be flexible.
To be defined a great Butler, a person either have a great wealth of work experience or formal education through butler schools for distinguished excellence.

What we teach you at our available butler courses

• All types of Service including Silver, Butler and more.

• Hiring, managing, supervising and dismissing of domestic staff

• Keeping employee records and understanding HR and Recruitment structures.

• Keeping household accounts and Budgets

• Inventories

• Liaising with contractors, suppliers and services

Much much more

Our ethos at the Best British Butler Academy

A Bespoke Bureau Butler anticipates everything and overlook nothing. They instinctively know what to do and how to act in every situation. They are invisible yet always available. They know who to meet, how to greet and when to disappear. Friendly but not familiar; they are the soul of discretion. Never flustered, a Bespoke Bureau butler remains composed at all times and always dresses immaculately. His/her every move is intuitive.

Address of the Best British Butler Academy

Bespoke Bureau
Blackwell House
Guildhall Yard
Near Bank
City of London
Phone: +44 (0) 2032900142

Email: info@bespokebureau.com

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